Curtains & Gates

Motorisation & Automation of windows, gates & garages

The convenience and charm of automated curtains and gates is unparalleled in smart automations eco system. Motorized or automated curtains not only provide the cool quotient for the windows but also opens up possibility to conserve energy with the help of better scene control. Moreover, when gates are motorised, one can also manage their entry systems much more securely and conveniently. These well tried and tested systems are a must for luxury  homes, offices and hotels


Curtains & Blinds

Open or close curtains with the help of motorised curtains. This adds a lot of convenience and coolness to your windows. You can operate the curtains either using remote or can completely automate to operate using phone or simply voice. Once automated, you can also control your curtains with other smart devices in the room to add to your comfort. All types of curtains and blinds can be automated making your life simpler and luxurious. 

Electric Gates

Any gates - house, society, office, hotel or any other place can be completely motorised leaving the need for human efforts to pull the same. Once automated, any gate can be controlled by authorised individual or designated security person. 

All types of gates - full face opening, sliders etc can be electrically controlled. Addition of smart devices can also make it open via app or simply motion sensing presence. 

Garage doors

Every time you have to park your car in the garage, you dont have to get out and open the garage door. This can be completely taken care of by motorised garage doors which can sense the car arrival and open on its own or can be manually controlled using remote or app.


This can also be used for opening any shop shutters while you are present or even remotely.  

Customised Solutions

If any of your entry and window automation does not fit into above standard categories, we can completely build customized solutions fitting to your specific needs. We will provide full consulting and solution building for your requirement. 



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