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 Entertainment has always played a key role in our lives when it comes to utilising our free time (or not so free time as well sometimes). These days, we are overwhelmed with the number of entertainment devices we have starting from our TV, DTH, Amplifier, Hometheater system, projector, streaming devices, iPads to our phones. Managing this overload of devices and their remotes has always been a challenge and its about time we streamline our entertainment. Smart tech can help you control all your devices in a single place using your phones, voice or on its own based on preset themes.  



Instead of using multiple remotes to manage each device, we can completely control each of them using your phone or voice. A single command or a click can turn on or off multiple devices at a time. 

App or Echo can also facilitate selection of channels, managing volume and other features of your devices without having to hunt down those black sticks from behind your couch. All this comes with sleek interfaces and ease to use products to make life simple

Scene Control

Manage your other automated devices including lights, fans, AC, curtains with your entertainment devices seamlessly. Just say 'Alexa, Movie time' and see your lights getting dim, AC turning on, curtains closing and turning on your TV, DTH and speaker system. Cool!

If you just want to party, just say the word and turn on your mood lights dancing to the tunes you like to play without fidgeting with remotes

Home Theater

If you are further down the road in terms of your entertainment needs, we can help you set up your full blown home theater room with best in class equipments for TV, projectors, sound system, sound engineering, supporting automations and create an out of the world experience for your movie or sports hang outs. We can also create the room with all acoustics and seating arrangements taken care of for superior experience. 

Multi Media control

Overload of streaming services, on disk media for movies and music and gazilion photographs we have on our phones and cameras needs sophisticated management. You can control all this content and more using some state of the art storage and networking devices making your life much easier to shuffle through the file you need. You can easily access directly on your TV, ipads or phones for usage anytime you need. 



App - Tablet

Voice Control


Scene & Themes


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