Lighting Control

Added controls for your Lights & Fans

Lighting Automation changes the way you operate and manage your lights and fans no matter where you are. We have long been using traditional switches as only way to control our lightings but making them smart has never been easier. Our technologies have evolved from mechanical switches to wired automation to completely wireless control of home electrical


Lighting Automation

Lighting control provides additional and innovative ways to control your lighting systems. You can either use your app or table to turn on & off your lights or simply use your voice right from your couch to manage your lights. You can also monitor your lights even when you are away and can control if required. Multiple variants of products are available for this.  

Fan Control

Fan control give you the power to turn on and off your fans with ease using your phone or voice. Not only that, you can also control the fan speed. As easy as saying, "Alexa, set fan to 50%". You can control multiple devices at a time from one place sing a single interface.  

Dimming & Colors

If just on/off for your light is not enough, smart lighting control can also give you ability to control the dimming of your lights. You can set your brightness according to the mood and need. Not just that, if you need, it can create perfect mood for a date with right color of light as well. You can control up to 16 Million colors in your slight using app or voice.  

Scene Control

"Alexa, Movie time" - This can make your lights go dim near dining area and turn off the lights near TV. Turn off the fan and turn on the AC. Given right devices, you can also turn on AC, DTH and Home theater and close the curtains. All this forms as part of scene control based on a single voice command or using control panels - app or switch. This and many more types of scenes can be created depending the mood or need. 



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