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We help your make your projects smarter, simpler and definitely cooler. We are living at the time when demand of real estate or at least from affordability stand point is lower than the supply and all builders are scrambling to get the best feature set and USPs for their project. We help you fine tune the efforts of building best in class and modern house suitable for next generation. We help you showcase your project as Modern, Digital & Greener by using smart home technologies. In the process you can get a distinct marketing advantage, superior amenities and you appear to support Digital life of future. 


Smart Lights
Control you lights and fans
Smart Speakers
Mood Lights
Air Conditioner
Digital Locks
Heating Control
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App Control

Energy Efficiency

Remote Control


Lights & Fan Control

Our lighting solutions can make your project homes truly automated by giving controls on phone and voice. Owners can also have visibly attractive switch pads to increase the look of your house. Lightings can be dimmed based on need and save energy in the process. 

True power of smart home comes alive when used with scenes with other devices installed in houses at right time. This becomes biggest selling differentiator

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers add to cool quotient to the houses and act as smart homes hub as well. Apart from playing music and other smart activities, it will act as an impressive factor in the houses and can be used effectively to market the homes. All the smart home devices you provide in project or the addons owners will put on their own, can be control seamlessly by these speakers. These speakers acts as heart of modern smart homes

Digital Entry

Smart Door Locks, Smart Video door phones, Door Sensors, Cameras all together or individually act as a security barrier for any intrusion. Smart Security plays a vital role in peace of mind and surely safety of houses. Some newer products allows to control everything remotely giving owners a continuous update even while they are away. Smart locks will let them keep track of movement inside home and VDP will let them speak to visitors seamlessly over internet.

Entertainment & ACs

Take charge of all entertainment devices on phone & even voice. Simply say "Alexa, movie time" and see how TV, DTH, Speakers and AC turns on without you needing any remote. 

Smart entertainment will help declutter living room from all those remote controls lying around. 

Smart AC on the other hand will work independently using App and voice and also works well with other entertainment devices


One of the most beautiful element of automation - curtains acts as one the most attractive pieces of automation in living room. The charm of opening 20 feet curtain with simply voice will not only give convenience, it will also surely impress your buyers. What else, it can drastically save energy consumption if used rightly with illumination sensors. Any kinds of curtains and blinds can be automated. This a must feature if you are selling luxury houses


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