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Advent of smart technology is paving way for everything smart devices. Every gadget and appliance we use is getting smarter. Even things which were far from any electrical connectivity are becoming more and more intelligence. While we can help you procure anything you want if its available anywhere in the world, we have listed down some of the cooler ones we think you should know. You practically have everything you need getting smarter such as Refrigerator, Washing machine, Coffee machine, Microwave, Mirrors, Mattress, Showers, Floor cleaners, and even Stoves. 


Smart Mirror

Smart mirror can show you beyond your image in the mirror. It can show you various information, can suggest you clothing, can click selfie, show you your social media feed. It can act as your intelligent partner and part of your day to day routine. Treat it as extension of your iPad, phone and calendar bundled into one. There are various options while buying smart mirror. Get in touch with us to make your bedroom smarter. 

Smart Matress

You want to sleep in cooler room but your spouse want to sleep warm? Do you want to know how well you sleep and modify you sleep habits? Do you want to change the firmness depending on your mood? All these along with some amazingly comfortable mattresses are making our sleep much more convenient and customized. 

Cleaning Robots

You can now clean your floors without lifting a finger. Smart robots can clean your floor intelligently. Cleaning robots have become extremely smart over the last few years and  have become ever so reliable as well. They work as per schedule and can be activated when no ones in the room without disturbing anyone in the room. What else? They are getting affordable everyday 

Washing Machine

Still not mainstream but smart washing machines are picking up innovation by adding a lot of features than just connecting it to internet. Smart washing machines are able to identify how dirty clothes are and accordingly mode can be selected automation. And of-course, it has mobile app and voice control to add convenience to keep a check wherever you are in the house or office. 

Smart Health

IOT is making one of biggest impact of healthcare devices. Innovative devices in Do-It-Yourself category is taking care of our health in a much simpler and efficient way. Some of the products are Smart thermometer, weighing scale, BP monitor, watches, baby monitors and other sensor based products are fast becoming must have products for personal healthcare. 

Tracking Devices

Do you continuously lose something like wallet or keys? You can get smart tracking devices that will help you keep track of your valuable assets in real time. These inexpensive devices are new favourite for people. This can also be used for your luggage while travelling and on any important personal asset to track them closely. 


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