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Traveler of the 21st century today is– Tech-savvy, spends on smart luxury, and values personalized attention. Guest experience and Customer loyalty have always been among the top brand differentiators for the hospitality industry.  Considering that business is cyclic, especially if the hotel is not having full occupancy, costs have to be controlled without compromising on service quality. Automation benefits not only the guests but also enables cost-savings and increases revenue.


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App Control


Voice Control


In-Room Experience

In-room automation adds up for a ‘Wow’ experience. When a guest enters his room, the lights get activated with temperature control. Room functionalities can be managed at the touch of a button (lights, air conditioning, curtains, media devices).  Additionally, room lighting can be changed based on different mood settings OR during a wake-up call. Guest can also control all this using his phone and voice within the room adding to the charm. 

Check -in & out

Very often the check-in process seems more cumbersome than the flight journey itself. Technology enables a guest to remotely check-in and check-out at their convenience. It could also be done at an on-site kiosk or through mobile devices or, without any interaction at the front-desk. New Smart locks provides ability to do just the same. Hotel staff can assign temporary mobile keys or passkey to enter the room without having to take the card from reception. 

Smart Speakers

Imagine waking up by the good morning greeting of your room! Fascinating, isn’t it? Many hotels are offering in-room voice command technology. Lights on or lights off, high temperature or low temperature, guests can control all the components of the room using this automation. These speakers can also manage entertainment automation customer desires.  


Sensors can enable various forms of automation in room and in common areas of the hotel helping in energy saving. For example, lights will turn on automatically when a guest walk into the room or the air conditioning will turn off automatically as the guest leaves the room. 

Motion Sensors reduce energy wastages in aisles, elevators, lobby bathrooms with controlled lighting and air conditioning while still maintaining conveniences. 

Blinds & Curtains

Imagine the smile on guests face when they get up to an automatically opening curtains with their alarm. Customer can open or close curtains with a click or a voice command. A single click can open or close the blinds based on time of the day and illumination in the room. Also, a huge cost saving can come when blinds are opened timely during day time limiting the usage of artificial lights across common areas 


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