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While we are running to make our lights, entertainment & security smart, why should kitchen be left out. A lot of products we are used to in kitchen are fast become smart as well. Smart Kitchen adds convenience and safety both in kitchen - a place in the house where we are most likely to face accidents. Lets move towards making our kitchens intelligent and automated. 



Setting right temperature in the room is important and its equally important to set the right cooling where your food is kept to keep you healthy. Smart refrigerators, when launched full blown will provide effective ways to make your fridge smart. It will be able to tell you whats in it, order food for your when empty and control energy consumption by controlling the temperature required. With its screen on top, you can have a companion for all the help needed.  

Stove - Gas

Fire & Kitchen goes hand in hand. Most of the incidents from kitchen cause either to to electrical malfunction or gas left on. With some of newer IOT products, you can now add an accessory to your stove and control it through your app and voice and even schedule it based on your requirement. You will never have to think whether you left your gas on when you step out of the house making it extremely secure. 


Coffee maker, Toaster, Microwave, Mixer - all appliances can be smarter till an extent. You can connect each of these devices to smart plugs and control them effectively giving less chance to fire by electrical accidents. You can schedule your devices from home or even away. 

Lightings & Sensors

You can control all your lightings, fans using your app and voice from anywhere in the house. You can also manage dimming in the kitchen along with some mood configurations for a quiet family dinner inside your kitchen. Some smart sensors can also detect motion and turn on the lights on its own for convenience. 


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