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As more and more millennials join the workforce, they come with expectation of much greener and cooler workspaces. Smart technologies can provide the perfect blend of energy efficient, secure and modern offices. Organisations are spending a fortune to build the workplaces which their employees and clients love and smart technologies can help do just that. Smart Offices will allow administrators to keep a tight control over security, employee movements and utilisation of resources within the organisation at the same time giving freedom to work.


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App Control


Energy Saving


Lighting Control

Offices have hundreds of lights across the floors, meeting rooms and corridors. We can seamless control all these together or separately depending on the need. Various scenes can be created to control different pockets. We can efficiently use sensors at the places which does not require lights to be on all the time or needed only when someone is sitting at the desk improving power consumption drastically. We can fully retrofit all these solutions in most offices. 

Conference Rooms

You looking to impress your clients during a sales pitch presentation or your stakeholders for your budget meeting? Conference rooms should be built to impress and all multimedia long with lighting should work together seamlessly. We help you build a smart conference room to set up the mood of presentation when you are ready. All you need to say "Alexa, presentation time" and all lights can dim down and projector can kickstart with all required multimedia


Temperature Control

Air Conditioning is one of the biggest power consuming aspect of any office. Smart technologies can help you control your cooling efficiently and remotely depending on the situation in the office. You can centrally control cooling and yet keep all the ACs separately connected so that you can manage based on employee needs and presence.   


Smart offices come with biggest advantage of centralised monitoring of various cubical, meeting rooms, sections or floors of a single office. Administrators can control lighting, cooling, blinds of various areas in a single console using app or ipads. This makes them true cost savers for the organisation and responsible for managing the office smartly.   

Blinds & Curtains

A big factor in energy and time saving in offices is automation of curtains and blinds across various glass windows. A single click can open or close the blinds based on time of the day and illumination in the room. A huge cost saving can come when blinds are opened timely during day time limiting the usage of artificial lights across common areas, lobbies etc.  


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