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Strongest differentiator between making your place just automated and making it smart. Sensors of various kinds act as key enabler to add intelligence to your smart automation system. Sensors play a vital role in sensing who is at your door or which employee has entered the office or when to open curtains instead of turning on the light based on the illumination. Sensors are used across various verticals in numerous ways. It's not about the device themselves but how you use them is important. 


Motion Sensor

Motion sensor detects any movement where it is installed and takes appropriate actions based on preset configurations. Motion sensors can detect and notify who is at the door or turn on a set of lights when someone walks past under it or can turn on your bathroom lights when you enter it. Motion sensors acts not only as convenience but also as safety enabler by detecting the threat before any damage is done. 

Door Sensor

Door Sensors serve two primary purpose, safety and convenience. It lets you know who has entered the room or lets you know whether the door is open or close helping you take appropriate actions. 

Door Sensors also activates pre set commands to add convenience like turning on specific lights in the room or turning off entire home behind your when you leave.

Illumintaion Sensor

A great enabler for energy efficiency, illumination sensors lets your automation system know when to turn on or off the lights. It can manage your devices based on intensity of the light in the room. For example, in the middle of the day, instead of turning on the lights in the room, system will prefer to open the curtains and in the process saving significant energy and makes your house or office greener. 

Temperature Sensor

Almost always used in conjunction with temperature control devices, these sensors lets the system know the current temperature of the room. This is extremely useful for managing cooling at your home or office or hotel room based on room temperature. Additionally, it can control multiple devices based on the temperature. For Example, at home, when the temperature has become bearable, it can help turn on fan and turn off AC and manage energy consumption


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