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Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition are changing the face of smart automations across the world. Few companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple are leading in the space & designing smart speakers to help us live conveniently. While Core technology for Echo, Home and homepod are designed by these global tech mammoths, a whole plethora of other companies are using the techto design some of the best in class speakers which are now much smarter and does more than desired tasks. You can now wake up with a song, play music, schedule meeting, book a cab, order food, and of course control your home with these smart speakers. Possibilities of what we will be able to do with these is endless and we have just started. 


Amazon Echo - Alexa

Powered by Alexa, Amazon's AI engine, these speakers are changing the way we communicate and entertain ourselves. 

Run using a wide range of 'skills', echo offers a lot of features making our homes, offices and hotel room smarter with ease to operate. They come in various sizes and varieties depending on the usage area and purpose.

Google Home

Google home comes with its strong search and data based intelligence bundled in various form factors. 

Google seamlessly integrates all its services with its speakers and also has ability to recognise voice. For example, if you ask for your schedule, it will give it only from your account and if your wife wants to play her favourite music, it will play based on her preference. 

Apple Homepod

Apple's offering in the AI speaker space. This has a strong smart home integrations with the products catering to North American market and is yet to officially launch in Indian market. They come in different variants and is nicely integrated within apple's ecosystem of products with Siri at its heart

Third Party Speakers

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri has made its AI platform available to other thirdparty speaker makers. All major speaker brands have their products with AI capabilities riding on one or more of the above platforms. With these products, you get the right mix of speaker quality from the makers and intelligence of tech companies making platforms making them the best speakers to buy.

Sonos, Herman Kardon, JBL, LG, Sony & Bose all have their lineup



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