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Keeping the right temperature of the room or water is important for our comfort but it is also important that we keep the right balance of comfort and energy consumption. Temperature control devices such as AC, Heater, Gysers are typically extremely high energy consuming and we must strive to use it effectively. Smart Automation solutions will allow us to not only control our devices remotely but will also ensure that we turn them off timely when not required and use best alternate available. 


AC Control

Misplaced your AC remote? No worries, with smart AC control you can now manage your air-conditioning using your phone or voice. You can turn on-off or change the temperature of your AC. 

Not only that, you can also have schedules running and operate it remotely giving you ability to live more efficiently.

Once automated, your AC can be part of any scenes controlling other devices. Like turning on your AC at 22 when TV starts or when temperature outside is over 30 degrees 


Automating gyser is one of the biggest form of energy saving. Whether intentionally or not, gysers are often left on draining energy and increasing electricity bills. 

Simple automation devices can stop that from happening and you can remotely turn on-off gysers and can schedule to turn off everyday at a particular time ensuring no wastage of electricity. 

Time to enjoy your hot showers without worrying about bills.

Room Heater

Just like air conditioner, room heaters can be controlled using some automation devices and can be smartly used. Room can control the temperature based on outside conditions managing the comfort of everyone inside. As other smart devices, you can also use this remotely and can manage various scenes based on the need and other devices.  

Smart Shower

We all get annoyed when water is not heated to best temperature by gyser and we have to adjust the tap to suit our requirement every time we are in the shower. Also, there is little room for controlling how much water we use at what speed. Technology advancement has made it possible for us to control the temperature of water and even control and monitor water consumption. In the process, making us not just energy efficient but also helps us conserve a ton of water


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